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Why We're The Best

Its internet that really moves – Take it or Leave it!

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is a unique technology being deployed by Praction Networks for the first time in Delhi NCR.It provides a comprehensive solution for the IP leased line, internet, VoIP, video conferencing, video calls.

Our hardware, best in the industry, guarantees the smoothest and the most stable of internet connections for all of our users.

Our infrastructure is stable. With our service you can look forward to reliable and blisteringly fast connections with the minimum of downtime.

We understand that internet is your lifeline. That’s why we provide strong technical support. Be it online trouble shooting or a physical visit, we’ll do whatever it takes to have your internet up and running

Your billing Cycle is 1 Month and unless cancelled your package renews automatically. you are free to cancel your package anytime.

No more Cooper- 100% Fiber means quick and easy installation within minutes. What’s more, With a Fast Solution, you can add as many personal devices as you wish (Laptop, PCs, Smart-phones) to use the internet without the need for setting up additional infrastructure.

Praction Fiber Broadband 100 Mbps Completed: 47 seconds
Praction Fiber Broadband 40 Mbps Completed: 8 minutes
Praction Fiber Broadband 20 Mbps Completed: 39 minutes
My Speed 10 Mbps Completed: 2h 47 minutes

The Praction Network difference

Download 128x faster than the average India’s standard broadband speeds.

Download and watch a HD movie (4GB) in less than 7 minutes compared to waiting for hours on the India’s average standard broadband speed.

Backup precious memories in seconds not hours on standard broadband packages.

**Broadband speed calculations: Average broadband speeds are 3.4Mb for downloads and 1.00Mb for uploads in India, compared to Praction’s 100Mb symmetrical service.Result taken from, Dec-16’

Our FTTH services provide you limitless possibilities. You can trust us with providing what we advertise.
With Praction, you have the best of a full fiber network. The following is a crisp overview of some features and benefits that you can get out of Praction.

  • FTTH services at the best – no copper in your cables
  • You get uninterrupted service, always
  • Symmetric upload and download speed of 100Mbps
  • No traffic jams to affect your connectivity and speed
  • No throttling and zero limits, absolutely
  • Download HD movies in just a few seconds
  • Downloading 5GB content takes just minutes, not hours unlike on other networks
  • Uploading onto cloud the fastest ever, at just 3 minutes for 500 photos
  • Connect any number of devices without any adverse affect on your connection load
  • Compatible with your entire range of devices
  • Now win all online games because you will never be limited or restricted in any way.
  • We promise absolutely low jitter on your gaming
  • Wonderful customer support experience
  • Onsite technical assistance to set up and demo the service and connectivity for you
  • No hidden or extra charges to inflate your bills

How to get it

We install our own infrastructure to bring consistently fast, full fibre broadband to buildings nationwide. To see if you can get Praction, check availability or explore our map view.

Is your building Praction?

Why choose Praction

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

Now No More GB Count

Enjoy truly unlimited high-speed access to Internet with all packages at all times. Check your download & upload speed on

Affordable Packages

Not only are our connections fast but we have a package to suit every budget. Whether you are a business or a home user, you will find a package to match your needs perfectly.

Ultra Fast Connection

We always Provide the fastest speed available in the market so that you can be on top of the world. Now download anything in flash of a second instead of waiting endlessly.

99% Service Uptime

Our infrastructure is stable. With our service you can look forward to reliable and blisteringly fast connections with the minimum of downtime

Online Payments

Go cashless. Pay online on to save time and renew instantly.

Unlimited for a Single Household

Our service are truly unlimited for single household. connect with your friends and family and enjoy unlimited internet services.

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