Free Intercom For Society

In the developed modern urbanized world, cities are becoming more cosmopolitan. Society is becoming nuclear and Families are shrinking. This development also brings menace from security perspective and can be seen from increase in rate of house burglary and attack on elderly people. More and more people are opting for security solution on all fronts of threats. The privacy and peaceful environment is prime concern for the urban society. Praction Free Intercom System offers perfect solution for Societies by integrating Communication and Security requirements with versatile features.

Apart from standard telephonic communication features several other programmable feature are provided to fulfill the requirements of today. The extensions can be grouped for Security, Committee members and flat owner extensions to access different facilities of the system.

The flexible numbering gives flexibility to configure the extension number from 1 to 6 digit to accommodate requirements of housing complexes of several building having more than one wing, where 1st floor flat can have 3digit number and 10th floor flat can have 4 digit number. The System is equipped with caller ID for all extensions for identification of telephone number of incoming calls, Conference of eight extensions can be done with simplicity and good audio quality for communication. Do not disturb call privacy and allowed/Denied list can be set by all individual extensions to avoid nuisance and malicious calls.