High Speed Internet

Now you can race on the Internet with Praction as your Internet Service Provider. Whether it is online gaming or live streaming of video and audio content, you will have an enjoyable experience. You may upload and download heavily loaded media without facing any glitches with regard to speed because we provide speeds up to 1 GB. It is no wonder why:

  • We are 128x times faster than average standard download speeds!
  • We provide your network with the power to download a 5GB (4K) movie in less than 8 minutes!
  • Backing up your precious moments to the cloud takes just 121 seconds for 500 high definition photos!

Our FTTH (Fiber To The Home) services come with the latest fiber optic technology to provide with the best speeds even under heavy loads.

Copper wiring and networks based on copper are 140 years old! Need we say what you might expect when you use such outdated technology for the requirements of today?

Service providers usually provide fiber cabling till the exchange, and then they provide copper cabling from the exchange to your door. A good load on the network can hamper your browsing experience.

The load can be due to too many users being connected on to the network, or a few users downloading or uploading too much data in one go. Generally, this will bring down the whole network to a crawl.

The Praction network is reliable for both high speed delivery and uninterrupted service because our network is simply the best. We have a fully fiber network, and we provide FTTH or fiber till your door, not just till your local exchange. We specialize in bringing full fibre optic broadband direct to multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and offices. If your building is within our catchment area, and enough residents show support by registering online, we can connect you to our future-proof full fibre network

It does not end here. There is more to what we do to keep our services consistent and serve you better. We have unlimited bandwidth on our ring. This ensures that our network can be loaded to any extent without any impact on our service speeds and data transfer rates. Our multiple and independent international network routes ensure that you always stay connected as there is always a ready option to switch from one to the other in case a need arises, which is practically a very rare occurence. This is because fiber optic cabling networks cannot be damaged easily, and in the event that it gets damaged, we simply route through other channels to ensure that we give you a hassle free experience. The cables under sea that connect you to the network are always kept in good repair.

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