Cancellation Policy

You can Cancel your Subscription at any time. Please note that you must cancel your Subscription before it renews for a subsequent month in order to avoid being charged for the next month′s Subscription Fee. If you cancel your Subscription, the Cancellation will become effective at the end of the current monthly Subscription period. Praction Networks is your Subscription Provider, you will need to cancle Subscription through Praction Networks authorize Chanel.

What is the permissible minimum Broadband speed limit?

As per the regulation on “Quality of Service standards for Broadband Services” issued by TRAI on 6th October 2006, a subscriber should get a minimum of 80% of the subscribed broadband connection speed from ISP Node to User Router.

Understanding internet speed and WiFi

Wireless connections have become such a standard that many people forget there’s any other way to get online. But there are benefits to accessing the internet over cables instead of over air waves. We all love WiFi because it gives us the ultimate mobility, but some connection speed is always lost in translation from the router to the wireless signal. This is why many blogs and tech experts out there (including us) suggest using a wired connection — a LAN or Ethernet cable plugged into the router from your device — when you can. This will give you a faster, more stable connection, especially for online gamers and others with particularly high bandwidth demands and consistent speed.

Alternately, WiFi extenders and signal boosters are popular for their ability to help overcome signal loss. And, when you’re using WiFi, you will get the strongest signal by being closest to your router with as few devices connected as possible. Using a 5 GHz WiFi frequency can help too. Why? WiFi is just one of many radio frequencies all around us these days. Devices that use the same 2.4 GHz frequency range as some wireless signals, such as microwaves, cordless phones and more, can hurt your internet speed. Many newer routers also support automatic band-switching, meaning they will detect and switch devices to a faster frequency without you having to go in and select a different network manually. Just keep in mind that with a 5 GHz WiFi frequency, the signal is faster but covers a smaller area. So it’s even more important to close the distance between your device and the router as much as possible, and to make sure there are no major physical obstructions blocking the signal’s path.

However, it’s important to note that WiFi does not provide guaranteed bandwidth. Factors such as distance from the router, physical obstructions, and interference from other devices operating on similar frequencies can impact performance. Thus, for the most reliable and consistent internet experience, especially in environments with high bandwidth usage, a wired connection is often the best choice.

Refunds Policy

REFUNDS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR ANY SUBSCRIPTION. WE DO NOT PROVIDE CREDIT, REFUNDS, OR PRORATED BILLING FOR SUBSCRIPTION THAT ARE CANCELLED MID MONTH. in such circumstance, you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of the monthly billing cycle. Praction Networks reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration is select circumstance at its sole discretion. Please not that each circumstance is unique and election to make such an offering one instance does not create the obligation to do so in another.

Terms And Conditions For ONT Instillation

  • We charge a one-time, non-refundable installation cost of Rs.1000.
  • For a Wi-Fi ONT (optical network terminal), we charge Rs.2000 as security deposit. In case of a wired ONT, the security deposit charge applicable is Rs.1500.
  • The security deposit is a onetime payment, and is refunded at the time of cancellation of the connection after all the settlement formalities have been completed. This includes returning all the hardware accessories back to Praction.
  • There is no discount on installation and security deposit charges.
  • Installation of our FTTH broadband services is subject to location wise feasibility in accordance with the guidelines put down by TRAI.
  • We provide you with a complete refund of any installation charges paid to us in case the installation is not feasible in your locality. This will be done within 15 working days, and we will provide you an SMS to intimate you on your registered mobile number to that effect.
  • We do not provide a refund in case of cancellation of the installation from the customer’s end. Any usage charges will be invoiced in your first bill along with non-refundable installation charges.
  • In case you want to cancel your broadband connection with us for any reason what so ever, you will be required to provide us with a 3-day notice for disconnection along with the reason for cancellation. This is applicable across all our package and data plan options.
  • Any promotional offers and package plans may be changed at our whole and sole discretion without prior notice and customers are advised to look up our plan offers from time to time in case of requesting for a new plan and change to an existing plan.
  • Our residential connection packages are strictly for home use and not for renting or leasing out for commercial reasons. Such usage of our FTTH broadband services involves breach of our legal terms and conditions and will be subject to legal action.
  • Any special promotional offers and discounts shall be applicable for the specified time period and cannot be clubbed with any other offers
  • In order to register for our services, you will be required to provide relevant KYC documents to us as per legal requirements
  • You will also be required to fill an online registration form with us, providing details such as name, mobile number, address as needed along with the plan you would like to choose for broadband connectivity.
  • When you subscribe with us for a broadband plan, you agree to the terms and conditions that will be binding upon the contract. A failure to fulfill these terms could involve breach of legal
  • Any terms and conditions agreed upon by you while registering for our services will be lkegally binding upon you until the cancellation of the plan.
  • We process any request for cancellation within seven working days.
  • We reserve all rights to cancel, suspend, modify or make changes to any plan or services we provide with or without prior notice to our customers for any reason including, but not limited to acts of God, technical issues, force majeure or circumstanced beyond our control. We do not undertake service disruptions for any of the afore said reasons, and are not liable to compensate or refund any amount paid by the customers in such circumstances.
  • We are not liable for any damages resulting out of the use of our services, directly or indirectly.
  • Customers are requested to immediately report any disruptions or interruptions in our FTTH broadband services to their service representatives for accelerated resolution, and we do not undertake liabilities arising out of such issues directly or indirectly what so ever.
  • Disruptions to our services, or issues pertaining to the quality and availability of our services will be resolved by our technical team to the best of our abilities in a reasonable time frame failing which we are not to be held liable for damages, if any, resulting thereof.
  • All installations, including the hardware components are our property, and termination of services would entitle us to the said property.
  • Customers will be liable for any damage to our hardware components provided during installation or repair, if any.
  • These terms and conditions may change from time to time, and we may or may not intimate the update to our policies, terms and conditions from time to time. Customers are advised to read all our terms, conditions and policies while signing up for our services and thereafter.
  • Any disputes and claims arising out of the use of our services will be arbitrated by the Indian judicial system.